About us

We are a Design studio focused on product, art direction & concept design composed by Michelle Westholm and Vik servin, working between Mexico & Argentina.

Vik Servin

Vik Servin (1979, Mexico City)Born in Mexico and educated in Australia, Vik has proven expertise in a wide range of areas: web design, product design, concept design, video production, furniture design and carpentry..

Michelle Westholm

Michelle Westholm (1975, Des Moines)Born in the U.S. and trained in anthropology, religion and ethics, Michelle is an international teacher who has lived in Mexico, Indonesia and Argentina. She divides her time between design, photography and education.

Together Vik and Michelle have established Vik Servin Ltd. as a design leader in Mexico, one known for its attention to detail, craftsmanship and innovation. They have been featured in numerous art fairs and publications and have exhibited in some of Mexico's finest museums, including the Franz Mayer Museum of Art and Design, the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Museo Tamayo.